Christmas Blues.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a bit of 'bah humbug' coming on.  It's not the Christmas music...I play my Nat King Cole Christmas Album religiously every year.  And it's not the Christmas decorations...despite their early arrival (and yes, it does seem to get earlier every year).  It's not even the shopping, heaven forbid!  It's just all of it...and all at once.

We're all  running around so much there never seems to enough time to stop and just enjoy the fact there doesn't seem to be enough time to do anything!  I still have Thanksgiving leftovers in the freezer for crying out loud (and stop laughing; I bet some of you do too ;-D).  

It makes me a bit militant about my time AND my space.  There's a place in my home where telephones and TVs can't reach me, nor can catalogs or bills (distractions and worry beads, the lot of them)!  It's just a room with a couch, a desk and a stereo.  In fact, that's exactly where I am right now... taking in a few of my favorite things (and no, it doesn't involve bursting into song along a hilltop like Fraulein Maria)!  

...a few of my favorite things.

...a few of my favorite things.

For me it must involve the senses, like listening to the sounds of Robert Glasper Black Radio 2, or the scent and taste of chocolate oranges, or the art and feel of fabric and texture.  Lately I've been fond of the visual combination of black and blue (no surprise); seeing the colors together puts a smile on my face.  The pieces in the picture are a mixed print scarf, an enamel fish scale bracelet and Current Elliott blue jeans.

So what's do YOU re-center?  A really good read, a favorite pair of earrings or a tasty indulgence?  Shout us out and let us know.  It doesn't matter what it is as long as it transports you to that special place it's worth the effort. 

Find it, renew your strength and begin again.  Christmas awaits...and so does its joy.

 - CM