This Year...

I've been reading through my prior year resolutions....some of them held, most didn't.  But interestingly, rather than fall into the pit of despair bemoaning my lack of discipline over the years I was struck by how much I'd changed overall...and for the better.

In 2010 I resolved to be more outgoing, and while my chillaxing habits didn't really change I found new friendships in my own family.  In 2011, I vowed to exercise more (...and no I didn't), but I did completely change my diet and lost the weight anyway.  In 2012, I wanted to work in a different industry and spent all of the 1st quarter searching without results, but by June I was surprised to find a very fulfilling job right where I was.

The goals were met, just not like I planned....and I decided that's okay.  Everything Changes.  It's the title track of my husband's new album, and in case you were wondering, being married to an artist doesn't make me an instant fan!  In fact, David McLorren is a firm believer that family feedback is the least honest (for all the right reasons), but wanting to be the excellent in all he does he doesn't try to make fans out of family.  Noble. 

So he was truly shocked when I told him his title track resonated with me and that I wanted to share it with my fellow Snobs.

If I have a resolution it would be this...make plans, but be flexible and brace for (or embrace) change.   It builds character, builds resiliency, and is as inevitable as it is unpredictable.  Go with it...Grow with it.