What's in Blu's Black Box?

So being a huge advocate of family time, and not being a big fan of shopping throngs (and inconvenient travel) the BluTeam had a hard time with Black Friday.  That said, we ARE HUGE fans of the benefits.  So a compromise was in order.

Blu's Black Box Week Two: 30% Off All Bags

Blu's Black Box Week Two: 30% Off All Bags

Use "BLACKBOX" @ Checkout!

This Holiday we're giving those great deals well beyond Friday via Blu's Black Box!

There are four weeks until Christmas so each week we're filling our Black Box with great deals for your giftables....sometimes adding even more mid-week!  So check-in often on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest! 

And like last year shipping is Free until December 20th.

It's win-win!  We give you more time to get great deals, AND hopefully more time with the people you're doing it for, and we get our conscience back!  @ Blu a good thing is quite simply, a good thing!