Love where you live.

I read recently that many people never leave the neighborhoods they grew up in, or at least they don't stray far.  And though there are varying opinions on whether this is good or bad (constancy vs. embracing change; deep roots vs. wanderlust) you can only really state one thing for sure...there must be some comfort when you remain in what's familiar.  

How can I say this when there is surely the possibility that what is familiar is not necessarily comfortable?  Well consider that human beings (when given a choice) don't remain in life threatening situations without exercising their own desire to do so.  Barring rare exceptions, there are always opportunities to change one's circumstances should they choose.  

This revelation has brought me to another.  Deep down, regardless of breakdowns in government, difficulties in finding fulfilling work, the rising cost of living and other civil unrest, most Americans love where they live...for we're still here.  Even with all that's going on in this country I still take pride in our accomplishments with a healthy spoonful of hope in our country's future.

Now I've traveled all around the world and frankly seen amazing and beautiful things, but still chose this as my home.  And while I'm here I'll try to complain less and work more toward the America I want because this is my familiar...and I'm comfortable. 
Happy Independence Day!  -cm