7 Tricks for Holiday Travel...and Joy!

For many of us the holidays signal travel...and (for a growing population) an overwhelming sense of dread. From the long security lines, the shrieks of restless children (directly followed by their exhausted parents giving chase), the ongoing battle to carry-on our ever-shrinking luggage and, my personal favorite, the line to the bathroom....ANY bathroom...it’s becoming really hard to look forward to that flight home!

There's no use telling you there's a cure for the travel blues, but we can give you some tips on making it easier.

Buy your morning kit when you get there.  Stores of all types have picked up on how much people travel, which is why you can find all your morning essentials in miniature almost anywhere.  Best part is you can trash what you don’t use…and after 3 days they’re pretty much empty anyway.

Invest in TSA Pre-check.  If you’re not familiar with TSA Pre-Check all you need to know is 3 things 1) you can keep your shoes on, 2) you don’t have to expose all of your electronics and the most important one 3) the lines are significantly shorter!  (Of course, if everyone does it…well…you can guess the rest).  At ~$85 it’s not cheap, but I promise you it’s worth it!

My Travel Standard: Vintage Big Buddha Sack, Hard case Roller carry-on...and my new love, the unbelievably versatile blanket scarf!

My Travel Standard: Vintage Big Buddha Sack, Hard case Roller carry-on...and my new love, the unbelievably versatile blanket scarf!

Bring Versatile Pieces.  One of the best lessons learned during my travels was the importance of dual-use pieces.  Yes, that jacket you wore on the flight can still be worn with that suit, and yes, you probably have enough options in your closet to travel with one pair of shoes (especially if it’s just the weekend)!  But my new favorite during chilly months is the blanket scarf.  You can stay warm outside and use it as a blanket on the plane...we’ve stocked up for your benefit.

Take your vitamins…daily.  You’ll be traveling with hundreds of people in varying states of health.  Taking vitamins will help build up your immune allowing you to enjoy your trip, and return none the worse for wear.  btw..EmergenC or Airborne isn’t a bad idea either...just in case you need a boost.

Leave room in your luggage.  Even if you’re not exchanging gifts, it’s more than likely you’ll pick up the occasional odd or end while hanging out. And it's less likely to be lost or damaged if it's secure in your luggage.  Besides nothing is more annoying than losing an overhead space on the plane to someone’s shopping bag…don’t be THAT traveler!

Don't cram every day of your trip with events. Having one day of spontaneous combustion (or even rest) tends to make the trip more memorable.

Put together a holiday playlist.  It's the reason for your travel after all and you'll find listening to your favorite Holiday tunes will put a silly grin on your face amidst the chaos.  Personally I've been jamming to my husband's latest release Joyous Celebration ...all of my fav classics with a jazzy, rockin' twist!

No matter your traveling plight take the time to make it easy on you, stress less and love the time with your family and friends more.  Because the Holidays come and go...over and over again.  Plan to enjoy them!

Happy-er Holidays from Blu to You!