Happy Blu Year!

Even with all of the fantastic things we accomplished last year, from our own brand of Tees to adding new lines we’re even more excited about the year we’re in right now!  While we don’t put too much stock in overreaching resolutions, we do believe in the accountability of goals.  And we don’t mind sharing a few of them with you, since you were kind enough to share your ideas and wish lists with us.

1 | We endeavor to carry more sustainable, and charitable lines like Mercado Global in our BluStock.

2 | We will carry more tech savvy goods, like phone cases and wallets

Genuine Leather iPhone 6 wallet with Wristlet Band (Feb. 16)

Genuine Leather iPhone 6 wallet with Wristlet Band (Feb. 16)


3 | We will support products made in the United States and our local artisans. 

4 | We will give more tutorials on “putting it together” by demonstrating them on real-life models.  

From collaborations and new lines to upping our charitable and eco-friendly inventory it will be an awesome year…so check in on us regularly and let us know how we're doing!