A New Year...so how'd we do?

Welcome to 2017...ready or not!

We began 2016 by setting some pretty lofty goals, and it's time to see how we did.

The "Juno" wallet from Aimee Kestenberg

The "Juno" wallet from Aimee Kestenberg

  1. Our first goal was to carry more sustainable, and charitable lines like Mercado Global in our BluStock.  
  2. Our second goal was to carry more tech savvy goods, like phone cases and wallets.
  3. Our third was to support products made in the United States and our local artisans. 

  4. And last, but not least was to give more tutorials on “putting it together” by demonstrating them on real-life models.  

The Gypsy Clutch from Vital Temptations

The Gypsy Clutch from Vital Temptations

So, here's our self-assessment.  In addition to New York based jewelry designer, HakNik, we increased our lines to include artisan crafted, and /or made in the United States, lines over 300% than the prior year.  To include California based jewelry artisans Voz Collective, Brooklyn Based Bag Artisan, Vital Temptations, and Texas based jeweler, Farrah B.  All of them boast utilizing natural and sustainable materials.

We also added a significant number of wristlets and pouches to our inventory, including the Carla phone wallet, handmade vintage cotton pouches from Tennessee based Hummingbird Factory and number of novelty wristlets from Betsey Johnson.

While these accomplishments contributed significantly to our goals, we could have done more in charitable offerings and providing those highly sought after tutorials, and we like to keep our word so we're going to make good this year.  

In fact, we've already scheduled the an event in March, True Blu Love, which is our first Pop-Up Market & Charity event.  If you're based in the North Texas area it's our hope that you'll join us.  

How do YOU think we did?  After all, your opinion is the one that matters most.