Frequently Asked Questions

So what would you like to know...?

As Blu is brand-spanking new we haven't been asked a lot of questions, but we'd be more than happy to answer anything you'd like to know...provided, of course, that it's about Blu and not about ... say... politics or your ex.  

The more questions you ask the more opportunity to create an least that's the way we've always thought it worked.

Here's one that we're just guessing you're curious about... "What in the world is a BluSnob?

Well it's simple.  For us denim enthusiasts in Allen, Texas 'Blu' means Lovers of denim, and a 'Snob' is a well informed and cultured person.  So this means a 'BluSnob' is an Informed lover of denim culture!

Of course, now you want to know what our spin on denim culture is....don't you?  Yeah...we figured that...

Denim Culture...Denim and stuff that goes with denim, to include apparel, accessories and News!


(use the ConTact link below to ask your own questions...we're fresh out!)