Welcome to Blu...you must be a Snob!

Why Blu...?

Well the name came from our passion in adorning our denim collections.  Why denim?  Its transcendental thread reaches all genders, all cultures, all ages.  It's a language, an art form, a comforting voice and a compelling need.  No matter who you are or where you are we all understand denim.

We'd also like to think we're a tad snobbish, but in a good way.  We choose our offerings purposefully.   Selecting pieces that complement each other so you look your best and choose your accessories with acumen...and prejudice.  We'll supply the tops, sweaters, purses, belts, hats and sparkle...you bring the style and attitude.

We've got you covered!  

Carpe denim!
— B. A. Snob

And guess what...we want to know what you're into so don't be a stranger...go to the contact page and shout us out!  (Uh...just to be clear, when we say 'what you're into' please know that it's limited to denim culture...just sayin').   


Hey, what's in the Curated Box?

So truth be told our first love was jewelry, but then we have branched out to other accessories that love denim and couldn't stop stylin'!  In fact, there is such synergy with between the pieces we choose for the store that we could never stop at just one piece....so we thought, "Why should you?"  Thus the Curated Box was born.  

A few carefully selected, and perfectly coordinated pieces (and for LESS than what you'd pay for them separately), set in a little black gift box.

btw...Did you notice the fact that our logo is wrapped in a little black box?  Yeah, we couldn't resist that either.


Good, Fast & Well-Priced

OK, so we know the phrase actually goes "Good, Fast & Cheap" and is usually followed by the words "pick any two", but we're so confident that we're well priced we're claiming all three.

Good...We endeavor to bring you diverse collections regardless of the brand..if it looks good and wears well with denim we wrap it up and offer it to you.  This means it can be "one of kind" or a must have basic!  
Fast...We're going to be honest here.  The bluTeam has great diversity in their sense of style, so you're going to see that  the pieces we choose are diverse too!  So expect lots of unique and irresistible pieces, which means checking in with us daily to see what's in 'store.'  Because whey they're gone...well...you know the rest
Cheap...well how about well-priced (it just didn't flow well with the age old saying).  No matter what takes your fancy we endeavor to offer the best price available for those items.