Fall.  Making the Transition...BluLog No. 1

As temperatures turns from Summer to Fall, don't overlook the practical simplicity of those beautiful oblong scarves taking up space in your closet.

Here's a how-to for a simple version of the Pretzel Knot...perfect with longer scarves.  

  1. Fold your scarf in half and place around your neck
  2. Open the looped end
  3. Feed one end over the top-end of the loop
  4. Feed the 2nd end under the bottom of the loop
  5. Pull the ends to adjust..and be the girl who gets it!
    *Scarf shown is South Beach in Gray

Fall BluLog No. 2 ....The Kerchief

This style is perfect for patterned scarves creating an effortless "just threw it on".

  1. Fold your scarf in half 
  2. Fold one corner of opposing ends
  3. Tie the opposite corners
  4. Place scarf around your neck with the knot to the back.
  5. Adjust layers...and wear on top of anything!

Alternate: If you want to hide the knot follow these steps.

  1. Ignore Step 1. above
  2. Following Step 3. place around your neck
  3. Create a loop by twisting, then pull over your head
  4. Tuck knot neatly under 2nd loop.
    *Scarf shown is Batik Mixed Scarf